Timothy Oultons introduces Noble Souls range

Noble Souls is a new concept by British furniture and interiors company Timothy Oulton, featuring a unique sofa collection of truly disarming softness and epic comfort, supported by a select range of furniture and accents. Handcrafted using ancient, time- honoured techniques, it is the first sofa range ever made using only 100% natural vegetable dyes, feathers and natural linens.

Noble Souls is based on a simple idea: that today’s real luxuries are those moments of blissful reconnection, when we feel ourselves truly alive, and when we deeply reconnect with one another. And today, those moments are just too rare. In a globalized, digitized, virtualized world, we risk becoming more disconnected than ever from real life. We live in our heads, on our phones, in our screens. Hardened, and adrift in cyberspace.

Founder Tim Oulton asked – how can we create more of these moments? Blissful moments of reconnection, a return to our senses, our true life, our soul. With a passion for materials and craft, Tim unearthed answers on a journey that crisscrossed the globe, rediscovering ancient craftsmen, their techniques and the pure, natural materials they have used for thousands of years. The outcome is Noble Souls.

The Noble Souls sofa collection offers disarming softness and epic comfort; a joy inducing jolt-of-the-senses that Timothy Oulton calls “whuush”. It must be experienced to be fully appreciated: as you sit, your shoulders drop, your neck softens. You smile, you let go, and … you feel again. A filling of ultrafine goose down feathers creates thousands of tiny pockets of air under a swath of natural soft linens, delivering the softest, most comfortable experience ever. Linens with a rich hand feel are dyed with a simple technique that has endured thousands of years, using just natural dye stuffs and water. As such, Noble Souls delivers a reviving “whuush”, while reconnecting us through time with original makers and natural materials.

The collection features three sofas: Realm, Nest, and Oasis. Each one offers a different seating contour, from extremely laid-back through to more supportive profiles, ensuring there is a sofa perfectly suited to complement any lifestyle. And the modular design ensures each sofa is endlessly configurable, to suit any space.

Accompanying the sofa collection, a select range of furniture and lighting is available. Highlights include handwoven scatter cushions and rugs, a salvaged timber coffee table and console, a live edge timber dining table with veg dyed leather dining chairs, and a premium natural mattress with reclaimed timber bedframe, and other accents. In this way the collection supports the three key “realms of reconnection” in any home: the sofa living area, the dining space and the bedroom.

Tim Oulton: “We wanted to go beyond the sofa, to think about the space in someone’s home, and the context of their life. It’s not just furniture. Noble Souls gives you permission to relax and truly let go. In a home, these sofas become a hearth, a place where you can reconnect with each other more deeply, or even just with yourself. Everything is made by hand, at human scale, using simple time- honoured techniques. It’s about rediscovering how the things in our lives are actually made: the effort, the passion and the beauty. That’s how ancient makers and natural materials inspire us.”


Realm offers a disarming laid back whuush effect, with a very laid back seat contour, perfect for pure reclining relaxation. Shown in Sol Linen Bluebell.


Nest offers a laid back whuush effect, with a slightly more supportiveseating contour. Shown in Old Loom Ocean.



Oasis offers a more structured “whuush” experience, with a more supportive contour that still is disarmingly soft. Shown in Sol Line


Noble Souls is available at selected Timothy Oulton galleries worldwide with more details of the range on the dedicated Noble Souls website.


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