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Luigi Montefusco founder of LBMV Architects

Founded in 2009 by Luigi Montefusco, North London-based studio LBMV Architects was created from Montefusco’s experience working with renowned British architecture firms and the contribution to several worldwide-awarded projects. As a graduate in Architecture and a chartered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Luigi leads the team of talented, international architects as the company director, with a range of architectural and design services provided for both commercial and residential projects.
Here Luigi discusses with Project:Design some of the companies key achievements and the future plans for LBMV Architects.
LBMV Architects
Talk us through the LBMV Architects team
We are a team of architects with particular expertise in the high end residential market. There are 3 of us in total and our experience ranges from residential properties to interior design for luxury hotels, conservation and office design.
What do you feel is the single most important thing that people should know about you or your work?
The single most important thing about our work is our commitment to delivering the highest quality product, both in terms of design and construction. This motivates all aspects of our approach and process, ensuring that our clients receive the best service possible.
What are you working on at the moment and have you got any upcoming projects that you are able to tell us about?
One of the most interesting projects we are working on at the moment is the refurbishment of an apartment, originally converted from the brick railway arches of Islington. Although a challenge when it comes to design logistics, working around the arches creates a very dramatic space that forms a stand-out feature in the kitchen and living areas.
Can you take me through some of the firms most significant projects and landmarks?
The Lyndhurst Gardens project is one of our most significant projects to date and involved the complete refurbishment of a ground floor flat in a Grade II listed building. Because of the listed status, there were many challenges involved in the planning process, especially when it came to structural alteration of the existing steel work from the 1920s, which needed to be adapted to the new layout. A very sophisticated sequence of temporary work allowed us to open up the space of the kitchen and living areas, whilst integrated traditional details were combined with the modern architecture to create contemporary design solutions and built-in wall functions.
What would be your ultimate hospitality/commercial project?
Having mainly specialised in the residential market, as a studio we have experience in both the hospitality and commercial design and would love to work on either the complete construction or renovation of a central London hotel, drawing influence from our background in Italy to create a luxury space that redefines modern, Italian design for the cosmopolitan London scene.
How do you envisage LBMV Architects will evolve over the next 10 years?
The idea with LBMV Architects over the next 10 years is to expand our expertise in the commercial sector, working on commercial projects that vary from hospitality hotels and restaurants to shop and offices, whilst retaining the attention to detail that we are proud of within each and every one of our completed projects.
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