GANDIABLASCO presents its range of colours for 2019

GANDIABLASCO have looked at key colour trends for 2019 and how the range of outdoor furniture that they provide can compliment and provide key colour highlights in outdoor spaces.

The white tones of Mediterranean architecture and the blue of the sea are part of the GANDIABLASCO family firm repertoire. This appreciation of nature is reflected in the Mediterranean lifestyle of its President and Creative Director José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, and for more than two decades now has altered the direction of the company towards the design of outdoor furniture with a strong architectural identity. Since then GANDIABLASCO is represented in homes and hotels around the world.

Aluminium, a highly contemporary and light-weight material, and the colour white, together with the simplimcity and luminancs of the Mediterranean are the hallmarks of the Gandiablasco collections. White represents the light of the Mediterranean, the sum of all colours.

This year GANDIABLASCO is widening its chromatic range and launching into colour with its outdoor furniture collections.

Greys, Greens, Blues, Earth

GANDIABLASCO presents a new chromatic scale that will compliment the firm’s more neutral emblematic colours in order to offer more options for the customisation of terraces and outdoor spaces and furnishings. Opting for a new identity, one that is more diverse and integrated and of course, a more daring and captivating one.

To the classic neutral palette (sand, bronze, anthracite and black) GANDIABLASCO now adds four new colour ranges: greys. greens, blues and earth tones. Colours inspired by the landscape of the Mediterranean with its rocky, green, watery and muddy landscapes.


Borja García, architect and product designer is responsible for selecting the new chromatic line of GANDIABLASCO. Borja’s work is in constant dialogue with design and architecture; he is a great admirer of contemporary architecture and together with GANDIABLASCO is inspired by the beauty and colours of the Mediterranean to covert the outdoors experience into a highly intimate one.

The new colour tones developed by GANDIABLASCO together with the fabrics that accompany them are replete with nuances and possible interpretations; chromatic references have been created that conjure up different parts of the world, at different times of the day, recalling our memories and desires.

Blue is the sea, the sky, it is freedom, it’s a sailing boat moving through the waves, it’s freshness and it’s steel. It’s architecture and nature, ice and Iceland. The selected tones have different intensities with black and grey nuances that dilute their saturation, chameleon like within their respective environments.

Green is tradition, it is quality and warmth. It is British, it belongs to the indoors and the outdoors; it’s vegetation, it’s classical and contemporary. With a warm spectrum of tones it has been selected for fabrics with colours that explore indeterminate boundaries between greens and yellows.

Earthy tones are clay, are imperfection, they are the past re-imagined. They are texture and smells captured within a colour. They are raw and visceral. The included options evoke light terracotta and dark night time browns. Tones that recall the most intimate surroundings: the homes of our memories.

Greys are stony, permanent, discreet: they are secretive, they are feline and sharp and can be hidden in plain sight if required. The tones presented here are nuanced, derived from other colours, but always discreet and unflinchingly grey.


GANDIABLASCO continues its unshakable commitment to a strong brand identity that has been established through its colour range as well as its commitment to a considerate and warm aesthetic with the aim of integrating furniture in an organic way within the living areas as well as converting outdoor spaces into intimate spaces.


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