The art of bespoke

Unique flooring design from Havwoods

At Havwoods, bespoke is a concept, not a collection. Achieving complex patterns in wood flooring on site is often a labour-intensive task, and therefore highly disruptive during installation. Havwoods Bespoke produces the desired pattern at the mill as fully-finished engineered panels, which offers a significantly quicker and more practical process.

havwoods2.jpgThese sublime panels show just how creative the Havwoods wood experts can be when it comes to your bespoke flooring designs. From intricately-designed parquet patterns and multi-tonal wood formations, to exquisite inlaid sections of brass and steel, the options are endless when it comes to creating a custom floorcovering. Once fabricated, these individual panels can be used across a whole floor scheme for dramatic effect or placed as a single feature when laid with coordinating planks from the Havwoods engineered collection. What’s more, Havwoods’ Bespoke offering is not limited to the floor; wood can be installed anywhere, from walls and ceilings, to doors and furniture surfaces. The dedicated Bespoke team is on hand to help achieve your vision and requirements, with a fast turnaround on quotations, usually with 24 hours.


Renowned as a leader in its field, Havwoods’ unparalleled expertise and depth of knowledge for wood truly sets it apart as the UK’s prevailing wood flooring brand. Combining an unrivalled delivery service, up-to-the-minute designs and an ever-expanding international portfolio of showrooms, this pioneering brand sets the benchmark for superior quality wood flooring for both the residential and commercial markets.

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