New from Havwoods: 3D Cork Wall Tiles

New for 2019 the international wood flooring brand, Havwoods has introduced a new collection of solid cork wall tiles to its Vertical collection.

A unique concept in wall coverings, the 3D Cork collection is available in three signature designs: Giza, Modo and Reyes. The surface of each feature tile offers a highly textured, raised-pattern finish that is designed to add interest to vertical surfaces, whether used as an accent panel or across a full wall scheme. All three styles are offered in two sizes of 150 x 150mm and 300 x 300mm and three colours to allow for imaginative formats and patterns to be created with ease.

Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree, which grows mainly in the Mediterranean region. It can be harvested from the same tree for around 200 years making it an environmentally friendly, renewable and sustainable surface choice for interior installations. Alongside its eco credentials, cork is also a natural sound and heat insulator, whilst also being dust, bacteria and fungus repellant. Cork is an amazingly versatile design material; by altering the tonal variations and layering of Havwoods’ Cork 3D tiles, it is possible to create a whole range of stunning textures and visual effects.

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