Gres, Huma and Nautica of Expormim at the permanent exhibition of the Barcelona Design Museum

The Gres stool, the Huma chair and the Nautica swing chair, recognizable pieces of Expormim that have been designed by Miguel Milá, Mario Ruiz and MUT Design respectively, are incorporated into the permanent exhibition From the world to the museum. Product design, cultural heritage, of the Barcelona Design Museum.

Expormim has expressed its gratitude for the recognition that the Barcelona Design Museum has made when selecting its products and for the validity of the craftsmanship techniques that it maintains. This is the only collection that allows us to examine the history of industrial design in Spain, “it is an honor to be part of this permanent exhibition because it facilitates the meeting between the public and the product design, through a collection of objects that exemplify the social changes that have occurred since 1930 to the present day”, says Alberto Ales, Product Manager at Expormim.

Each of the exhibits is considered a representative sample of the design of its time, in terms of the material and the technical contributions proposed by its authors, as well as its sociocultural resonance. Product design shapes a part of our cultural heritage. That is why the Barcelona Design Museum has counted on the products of Expormim since it considers that its furniture is: handcrafted, made with improved materials and techniques; endowed with a contemporary character; and recognized, as they have been distinguished with national and international awards for their quality.

Pilar Vélez, Director of the Barcelona Design Museum, explains that it is “a museum dedicated to the culture of the object, its conception, its manufacturing process, its use, its diffusion, its aesthetic and functional expiration, its meaning and its museumization, all from the reading, the analysis and the reflection on the present”.

The Barcelona Design Museum chooses the objects according to three criteria that it considers basic: “reference, as referents of a time, for its social impact or its cultural relevance at a given time; materiality, for its contribution in terms of materials and manufacturing techniques; and context, for its sociocultural resonance, patent in the acceptance and survival in the market. These are the determining aspects when selecting a piece for entry into the collection” explains its director.

She also expresses its purpose “our desire is to try to make understandable why certain objects have been selected by the museum and thus have reached the category of cultural heritage, and at the same time the design concept has been valued, because design is part of our life, it is present everywhere and at all times”.

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