Luxury Palms Casino Resort with Iconic Julius Chairs

After undergoing a multi-million-dollar renovation, the new and improved Palms Casino Resort brings a new meaning to the world of luxury in Las Vegas.
Known for the posh and playful suites in its iconic Fantasy Tower, the hotel is now among the world’s most expensive. The boldest suite is the 2-Story Sky Villa, a 9.000-square-foot space designed by British artist Damien Hirst in collaboration with Bentel & Bentel. This incredible suite includes two bedrooms, a private massage room, a fitness area, ample living space and tons of original artwork.
The iconic Julius Chairs from DUISTT make part of the living room décor, a place where the floor is made of avalanche marble and the space is filled with an elegant mix of gold, grey and white veining to match the brass hardware accent throughout the space. For the project it was chosen a custom-made version of Julius in white leather and polished brass.  

DUISTT’s Julius Chair in white leather and brass construction

DUISTT’s best seller, Julius Chair, inspired in mid-century modern design is a timeless and understated luxury piece. It is constructed with noble materials like brass, leather or 100% cotton velvet with small details that enhance its beauty such as the engraved screws and the hidden structure of the chair that makes it look suspended.
Julius Chair is a very versatile piece that can be used as a dining, living or office chair. It can be customized in all kinds of fabrics and metal finishes.

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