Fredric Landell new CEO of Nordic Property Management

Fredric Landell will take over as new CEO of Petter Stordalen’s hotel development company Nordic Property Management. The company is the largest in the Nordic market, working on project management of large hotel and restaurant projects.

With nearly 8,000 new hotel rooms under construction in the next few years, the role of CEO of Petter Stordalen’s hotel development company Nordic Property Management is central.

“We have never had so much going on. Old buildings are converted into hotels, and new ones are being built. To cope with everything in time and with the least possible impact on guests and neighbours, the role of head of the development company is extremely important. I am therefore very pleased to have succeeded in attracting Fredric Landell to us. He is not only extremely knowledgeable in the field but also a good and esteemed leader. This gives us extra power that allows us to increase the growth rate for the company”, says Nordic Property Management owner Petter A Stordalen.

Fredric is a trained civil engineer at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He comes from his own company Vimini AB, which is a consulting company managing real estate projects with a focus on hotels and restaurants. He previously was the Vice President of Newsec Technical Services AB and CEO and founder of Campido Fastighetsförvaltning AB.

“This feels incredibly fun! I have worked in the industry for a long time and, among other things, I have had management assignments for several of Nordic Choice hotels. In other words, I know what I’m getting into and it makes me both confident and expectant. The company has only one gear and it is the highest. That means full speed ahead. I will keep the wheel tight and together with the team take turns as skillfully as possible”, says Nordic Property Management’s incoming CEO Fredric Landell.

“The recruitment of a new CEO for Nordic Property Management has been extensive and thorough. The interest in the position has been enormous. We have, therefore worked with a very competent candidate list. Fredric distinguished himself quickly. He knows us as a company, he is a social and innovative leader and we know that he can deliver quality in a short time and in a changing environment. Fredric will fit well into the NPM team and will also be an excellent addition to Nordic Choice Hotel’s group management”, says Nordic Property Management Chairman Daniel Stenbäck.

Fredric Landell will take over as CEO of Nordic Property Management on March 1, 2020.

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