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Edition 27 – Chelsom

More than two years of in-house design led by Robert and Will Chelsom has resulted in the launch of Chelsom’s brand new collection, Edition 27.

The new ranges are presented within both an industry-leading catalogue and a fully redesigned, state of the art website. The collection reflects Chelsom’s brand image, showcasing a plethora of beautifully designed lighting products specifically created for the global hospitality and marine interior design marketplaces. More than forty per cent of the collection is completely new, and all pieces are available with LED light sources to accommodate the latest developments in technology and energy efficiency.

“I believe that our clients will not only appreciate the refinements we have made to our product collection in terms of even sharper product designs, higher quality levels and strong focus on value engineering, but also the continued evolution of our brand image as an international market leader. Both the catalogue and website illustrate this perfectly and have been carefully designed with our clients’ requirements as a priority.”

Will Chelsom, Managing Director

Edition 27 is a truly eclectic lighting collection that harnesses and refines the latest trends in finishes and materials. Striking brass tones, textured Venetian glass and cutting-edge LED pieces are just some of the elements that dominate this exciting new collection, offering designers creative lighting solutions for any interior space from guestrooms, to corridors, through to restaurants and other public spaces. Amongst many things, Edition 27 offers the widest collection of LED reading lights in the company’s history including the LED Eye range which moves on the aesthetics of your standard bedside reading light whilst maintaining all the successful features of function and light output.

Robert Chelsom, Chairman, says: “In all my years working within the industry never has there been a more challenging yet exciting time to be designing lighting products. Triggered by fashion cycles, interior trends are moving increasingly faster and in doing so constantly stimulate new design directions when it comes to finishes and materials, which is something we have given careful consideration to. Edition 27 has been a fantastic collection to produce, and it’s our most ground-breaking to date. Will and I are proud to be able to say that all product has been designed in- house to create this diverse lighting collection that truly caters for all levels of the hospitality and marine sectors.”

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